We accept submissions under all categories throughout the year. Your work may be selected for publication on our website (Origins Onlineor in Origins Journal. Origins Journal is published twice a year and the issues are available for download as an ebook on our website or in print via our partner, Politics & Prose Bookstore.

Fall 2016 Theme: WITNESS
(Print Issue)

Additional Information:
We do not accept multiple submissions. Multiple submissions will be returned unread.
We only consider previously unpublished work.
We DO accept simultaneous submissions but please notify us as soon as possible if your work is accepted elsewhere.

Origins is an online and print publication interested in showcasing first worldwide serial rights and nonexclusive reprint rights, for the full term of the copyright, for publication of the work in electronic, audio, and print form (which means that the magazine may reprint this work in a future print publication and may archive it online for permanent display, however reconfigured, on this website) and for use, along with the author’s name, in publicizing, promoting, and advertising the work itself as well as Origins.

Soon, we hope to offer payment to our contributors. We are working hard to raise money to be able to do this. If you'd like to support this effort, you may do so by choosing to submit either under the EXPEDITED SUBMISSION, FEEDBACK SUBMISSION or TIP JAR SUBMISSION category. We also accept donations in any amount on our website under the DONATE tab.

Responses may take several months. As with submissions to any literary magazine, familiarity with our journal will give you a sense of the kind of work we like.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at originsjournal(at)gmail(dot)com.
$ 5.00
Under this category, you may submit work in any genre. This is completely optional and your submission will not be treated any differently than if you submit your work under one of the other categories listed below. 

If you elect this submission option, please know how much we appreciate your support!

Origins publishes high quality fiction characterized by interest in language, development of distinctive settings, and the perturbation of unique characters. No multiple submissions. 
We look for distinctive topical essays and personal "creative nonfiction" of any kind.  Please keep in mind that topical essays should be written for a general audience. No multiple submissions.
Flash Fiction: Fiction under 600 words.
All verse formats and subjects are considered. Originality and precision of language are important to us.

Please send up to three poems.
We consider translations of poetry and short fiction from other languages. Please include a brief biography of the poet and the original text.
$ 25.00
If you would like one of our editors to offer a written critique of your submission, please submit your work under this category. In exchange for $25, we will give you our thoughts and suggestions for how you might strengthen the piece. Feedback will consist of no less than 200 words and will be sent to you via email with the name of the editor or editor(s) who provided the feedback. We will not, however, be able to provide line edits or offer feedback beyond our initial response email to you.

If we accept your submission for publication in Origins Online you will receive one printed copy of an issue of your choosing. If we select your work for publication in the journal, you will receive a printed copy of the journal in which your work appears.

Please note that the money raised here will not go to paying individual editors for their time, but will be used to cover administrative costs.